Why your Business Need a Mobile App is Experts 2023

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Not having a mobile application is like being closed every Thursday. Micheal Singer

Looking at the historical artwork and visual descriptions of “imagining the future”, one could observe how fast the advancement in technology has engulfed the whole globe. The twenty-first century is regarded as the century of information technology which has opened new frontiers in every business. There are around 5.4 billion mobile phone users around the globe.

Total number of mobile application users is more than around 3 billion. Today there are around seven million apps available on IOS and Android App stores. Moreover, app downloads reach 255 billion in 2022. These facts indicate the usage as well as the potential of mobile phone users to market for a business. Whether your business provides some technical help or service, or it’s just a small bookshop around the corner of the street, your business needs a native mobile application.

Having an Android and IOS mobile application for your business provides multiple benefits. In this blog, lets us discuss the benefits, a native mobile application can have for your business.

Why you Need a Mobile Application in 2023

Brand Recognition

To grow your business, it is required that your message and brand reach the maximum number of people in the most accessible way. This is where native mobile applications come in very handy. Having a mobile application will help your business to let people know about your business, values, ethics, brand vision, and much more. This also helps them to recognize your brand which keeps the user engaged over time.

Increase Visibility

Around five to six hours are spent daily on smartphones by the majority of users. About ninety percent of this time is spent on mobile applications. Although this time is spent on various apps, scrolling through the phone increases the visibility of your Android or IOS mobile application. It brings unconscious awareness to our brains regarding the brand name. This brings awareness to people regarding your brand.

Creation of a Customized Communication Channel

One of the biggest advantages of a native mobile application is that it provides the opportunity to give users a customized experience. With the use of various functions such as geolocation and personal profiles, users can get a seamless personal experience. Moreover, it can help your business to give tailored information to the right customer. Similarly, push notifications can help in engaging the customer with your business.

A Better User Experience

Another advantage of having an Android or IOS mobile application is that it can enhance user experience. With a focus on user experience and user interface, the customized mobile applications provide customers with a seamless user interface. This leads to better customer satisfaction bringing the same customer back for the business again.

A Gateway to Customers Insights

A mobile application is a great tool to have a deep insight into customers’ behavior. It helps you understand the customer’s needs by providing data regarding the time spent, areas where it is spent, and customer feedback. This data helps your business to better analyze customers’ preferences and make data-driven decisions to gain maximum output.

Another Channel for Revenue

Mobile applications are the best strategy to boost business revenue. They enhance users’ experience and make the purchasing process simple and user-friendly. Moreover, if your business does not have a native mobile application yet, it is missing a huge market that can boost its revenue. A mobile application can have a global outreach for your business. The chances of recurring business through mobile applications are also very high. According to mobiloud.com, the online business market share for mobile applications is more than 60%.

Comparative advantage through technological trends

In this era of technology, the advancement of technology can keep a business up to date with the needs of the time. With the use of a mobile application, you can have a comparative advantage in the business. Furthermore, you can add new functionalities thus extending the availability of the application to new technologies like smartwatches and VRs. This can hugely impact the image of your business in the highly competitive world.

Reduction in Marketing Cost

Native Mobile applications are a great marketing tool. They can help a lot in marketing your brand by the provision of offers, discounts, and new releases. Moreover, it can help in retrieving data through data mining which can be highly helpful for marketing purposes. Furthermore, running a marketing campaign and switching between various campaigns are also more efficient and cost-efficient through mobile applications.

Extending Customers Loyalty

One of the biggest challenges in any business is to have customer loyalty. Mobile applications are a great way of achieving it. With the provision of personalized mobile applications to the customers, a continued sense of liking and attachment is created between the customers and the business. Notifications and reminders engage the customers with the latest offers and awareness and goods and services. All this enhances your business’s customer loyalty.

Presence on App Store

Having a presence on the APP store can give your business a professional look among consumers. The app looks more established, and the business looks more concerned regarding user experience. Moreover, it gives you high authority backlinks which help your business in Google ranking.


It’s 2023 and the absence of your business from the native mobile application market impacts your customer market drastically. Moreover, a huge chunk of business opportunities is being missed by a business not having a mobile application. Developing a mobile application, Android or IOS will help your business flourish and will put you to the next phase of your business development. It is advised to have a customized mobile application for your business so that your business can keep pace with the growing technological world.