An AI-based car inspection platform, that helps companies like UBER, and ZOOM to speed up the process of registration (for their drivers).


In order to have a vehicle inspected, you must visit a mechanic or schedule an appointment. In some cases, the appointment doesn't necessarily work out, or you are unable to make it on time to the mechanic and end up rescheduling. All of this takes a lot of time. Even if you get an appointment and reach it in time, you still have to go back to the mechanic to get the inspection report.


Chex.AI is an all-in-one solution customized for your vehicle inspections. This technology removes the need for scheduled appointments and expensive reviews. Inspections are completed the same day with a push of a button! By just following 3 simple steps, you get yourself registered and can apply for the inspection. Those are: Signing up. Complete Inspection by clicking images and videos as instructed. Complete Payment. And you even get the same-day Certification.


The user interface was very accessible to every kind of user. Steps are easy and well-managed that can be easily pulled. The app saves people a lot of time by allowing them to inspect their cars while online sitting at home. The augmented data system that goes through processing is highly structured and efficient. The concept of putting their car details through images was rendered by the user as quite immediate and hassle-free. Getting involved more and more with the reality of the app. The user got more interactive with it and even scheduled checkups at their convenience.

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB

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