It is an e-Commerce platform where individuals can sell and buy their used and new clothes.


The concept was derived from the perception that there's no proper platform for buying, selling, auctioning, or even bidding on clothes in a proper manners. The client requested that the idea be transformed through a virtually integrated system whose access can be withdrawn by anyone.


The team, through carefully evaluating and brainstorming developed an idea for the concept of the client's request which was rendered quite versatile and according to their request. After carefully analyzing the client's approach and augmenting it with the use of relevant technologies, the Team decided to use the following for an adequate formation.


The Apps User Interface was very accessible for both parties: the buyer, seller, and even bidder. The User (as a seller) can either directly add and sell the respected item through the app. They can even transition towards processing it as an auction as well. The User (as a buyer) can directly purchase and bid on the preferable item almost instantly once it's published. The processing of the Application once a request has proceeded has been rendered quite seamless by the Client. Payment options were accompanied by Stripe, which resulted in ensuring safe and secure payment processing.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • MERN Stack
  • Figma

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