Hexawallet,is a well-known and multi-use platform used for banking (especially over cryptocurrency). The clients requirement circled over the front end that required adding multiple options so that the user can proceed without using a single service (eg. just buying). As the world is transitioning heavily towards the cryptocurrency module, so is Hexawallet trying to capture as many blockchain users as possible to solidify its platform and extend its reach.


The client's requirements ranged from being able to alter the manuscript of the established Application. Mostly circulating around as a frontend developer, the client asked us to diversify the options used over the platform. The client also requested the ability to use testing accounts by users in order to get a better understanding of how the cryptocurrency system works and how one can gain success by using it.


The Team sat all together and discussed heavily over these requirements and came up with different leads to be pursued so that satisfaction could be attained. At last led to the decision of using the following software: React-Native, TypeScript, Redux-Saga, Node JS Backend and Native Base. A mixture of the aforementioned technologies rendered this approach quite successful as the end product concluded as per the client’s requirements and preferences. Adding the ability to (at first) use a testing account to understand how the whole cryptosystem works, was approached as something a novice-level user would use. Along with the account Management tab to keep an overview of how a user's account is performing.


Hexawallets user-interface was successful in achieving a simple and easy to perceive interface which could be easily apprehended by any user (new especially). The accounts management system where you can overlook all the activities your accounts have been doing was quite resourceful and revealing.

Technologies Used

  • React native
  • Redux Saga
  • Redux Persist
  • TypeScript

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