A mobile application that allows businesses to track their employees work activities and hours.


The client approached the idea to the developing team where they wanted an application that could load some heavy databases and keep track of activities performed by employees for reports etc. They requested to construct an app that could process those loads for effective reporting and scheduling.


After comprehending the client’s project demands, the team decided to use the aforementioned technologies for a better result according to their needs. React JS and React Native was used to developing the interface with maximum customizability. MERN Stack was used to constructing their back-end stuff majorly as their requirements consisted of heavy database loading and processing.


The client's requirement did not vary much, they requested two things to be of the highest consistency: data handling and an easy-to-use UI. Based on that, the final application results came out very appealing and redeeming. The data entered was seamless and could be easily processed.The app is used as a tracking module in it as well to trace activities according to their business use.

Technologies Used

  • MERN Stack
  • React Native
  • Figma

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