Find the best salons and spas in your area with Fresha salon booking software. A SAAS project that aims to assist you. It is a simple, flexible, and powerful booking software for pursuing salon and spa services - and most importantly, its subscription is free!


The idea of fresha was derived from the problem that there was no proper platform where we could find all salons & spas, and check their availability. The idea of fresha came to be over the fact that there are no proper means for scheduling an appointment with your local salon or spa. The Client noticed this vulnerability faced by an everyday consumer where the consumer had to first go to the place, get placed in a line, and then wait for their turn. Which instigated the thought process of figuring out how to fulfill that vacancy with the most efficient means.


Through understanding the client’s needs and adapting the concept and augmenting it virtually, the team came up with the decision of integrating React JS, Redux, and Bootstrap and heavily fluxing SaaS in order to meet their concept needs.


The end result came with a furnished interface that was developed to cope with its user-friendly intention that it tried to establish through virtual means. The web application was tested through rigorous methods in order to foresee its sustainability and longevity with minimal downturns. The whole idea when brought into creation surpassed the client’s expectation and was rendered a success and when brought into the market, client’s remarks about its performance and the company’s concept were nothing but lucrative. The immersive experience brought by the web/mobile app was quite redeemable.

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Redux
  • Bootstrap

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