ITBoost leverages advanced technology to show you real-time data, with client feedback and password manager features, as well as ticket, asset and monitoring data from your external IT platforms.


The client came with a very broadend approach of establishing a platform where you could perform a wide range of performance based evaluations such as KPI’s, Client Feedback, IT Documentation etc. They wanted a dashboard that could host the most innovative documentation solutions in the industry.


The development team sat through and understood how performance/organisations based evaluations require a lot of front end development. Integrating a UI for such a concept was very time consuming as it related heavily over the interface being as easily comprehensible as it could be. Hence why React were used because it gives you leniency of augmenting an integrated setup which you can use and alter.


The final product that came to being was ITBoost, an evaluation platform that helps you with documenting and understanding your business much more coherently. The developed application posed an interface that subjectively defined how you could patternize your business and develop its fundamentals, therefore having a better understanding of your business. The wide range of capabilities that were integrated within the application was quite helpful for users in deciding how they chose to evaluate their businesses current progression.

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Express JS
  • Node JS
  • Redux

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