An online website developed to provide the best toys, games, and puzzle for your kids, and for other age groups as well.


The Client wanted an application that could collect everything ranging from toys for all ages, to having other means for entertainment such as cardboard games, puzzles, outdoor toys etc.


The developers understood their assignment with what the client wanted and decided to use MERN Stack as a credible and viable option. The technology used gave them the accessibility of creating an efficient and quick-processing web application. And dissolving all the database under a single roof to be accessed. And using React to create an interface that was suitable to target all of the different demographics they wanted to acquire.


The end application that was built was rendered as quite appealing because of its interface. Due to their wide array for providing different things for entertainment, the team was able to create an interface that quickly appealed to all their different targeted demographics. And because of its easy procession, their was no hassle element involved that would render their customers otherwise.

Technologies Used

  • MERN Stack

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