Inclusive is MENA’s first digital hub of inclusion. Providing inclusive jobs for people with disabilities and empowering employees to embrace inclusion.


The requirements with ImInclusive were simple, it was to develop a platform that could assist the differently abled individuals with the proper exposure in empowering them to reach the maximum of their abilities. They requested the application process to be in accordance with that and show relevance and accumulate everything in a smooth manner.


The development team took the concept of the client's approach and decided that the following technologies: React, Node JS and MongoDB would be suited most fit and in compliance to create a structured and well planned out interface.


The results seen were very revealing that showed dignity and faith in the concept brought by the client in a very redeeming manner. The client praised the development team and how they carried out the execution of this project with the most efficiency.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB

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