Focus on Ophthalmology provides a comprehensive and extensive review of retinal diseases with support for diagnosis and management. Even with quick access to medical information, consolidating your knowledge is an important step in comprehensive learning.


The client's requirements were simple, they wanted an app that could identify retinal diseases, through an optimized algorithm that could accumulate and provide relevant information.


After acquiring the client's approach and idea, the development team identified that the application required a robust algorithm and logical reasoning to process in the most effective manner to provide the best result to the user regarding their queries. They decided to use React Native, Express, Node JS, and MongoDB to create a mixture of an efficiently integrated software system. React Native was used especially for its front end and Node was used as a backend technology. For data handling, MongoDB was rendered as the best choice.


The final app product with its cutting-edge design and processing was rendered a success and praised by the clients profusely. The user experience, information processing, and handling were very illusive and comprehensible. The client greatly admired the efforts and execution of their requirements in the most commendable manner.

Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Node JS
  • MongoDB

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