Automatically Find and Apply coupon codes when you shop online with BestPrice’s Chrome extension!


The client proposed the idea of creating a web extension that could be used for applying coupon codes across the web to the user-selected web application at their checkout. They noticed that a good amount of users struggle or even didn't know about the existence of coupon codes and where to look for them. Excavating that hassle, the client's idea came into development.


The development team whilst understanding the idea and contemplating its creation, realised that the following technologies could cater to the identified need by the client favourably. The full stack development consisted of React, Node, Next JS, and Webpack. Thus the mixture rendered itself to be quite useful and accessible because its approach ranged to a wider spectrum of audiences.


Then the existence of BestPrice came into being. A chrome extension that is used to find you the best coupon codes scattered across the web for your use to get the maximum discounts and make you a happy customer. The Client was kept in loop with every development and use of technology as to why it was used. because its approach ranged to a wider spectrum of audiences.

Technologies Used

  • React
  • Node
  • Next
  • Webpack

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