APEX:E3 is a provider of multi-asset analytics tools for retail and institutional investors.


The approach with Apex:E3 was to create a multi asset analytics tool whose practicality could be implemented by small/medium firms on scale that approached globally. Their requirements massed a greater reach and wanted the approach to be utilised in that same order, an easy and comprehensible medium that assisted greatly with a firm's analytics.


Based on the Clients requirements, it was clearly apprehended that this was a complex project that needed to run with its maximum effectivity and efficiency. Hence why through thoughtful and complex arguments, the development team came to the conclusion that the following technologies: React, Nest JS, Postgres and Redis. Which created a well rounded mixture in order to retain proficiency and accessibility with the user preferences.


The end product of Apex:E3 came into its creation and was approached as quite successful in capturing the attention of the Client and its users. The interface was quite comprehensible, very alluring and helpful to its users in providing the best results and insights regarding a firm.

Technologies Used

  • React
  • Nest JS
  • Postgres
  • Redis

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