Empowering Health Care Providers for a better outcome through better technological assistance. A health care platform designed with the mission to empower Health Care providers to achieve better health facilitation by delivering transformative technology and data insights to focus on what really matters.


The issue that sparked interest in this topic rose from the realization that there isn't a proper platform that offers individuals enduring from various ailments an immediate and simple cure.The client was very interested in tracing this strategy to its fullest extent and creating a mode (app) that supported it very efficiently. Attending the hospital takes a lot of time, for individuals have to forgo going and often have to wait because of an emergency.


Through thorough study and ideation, the team developed a very adaptive and attractive design for the client's needs.The team then took the action of utilizing the following technologies for an acceptable structure after carefully evaluating the client's plan and improving it with the usage of technologies: React, VueJS and bootstrap were used.The Team tackled the combination carefully of which technology to use quite well, because the core aspect of using React and Vue was to make the interface easy to use and have quick transitions over different orientations which helped make the final product more practical.


AlayaCare’s user interfaces succeeded in creating a straightforward and simple-to-perceive interface that could be quickly understood by any user (new especially). The interface provided was rendered quite successful and easy to apprehend towards the user search-preference.

Technologies Used

  • React
  • VUE
  • Bootstrap

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