A shoe seller company that has devoted its core business motto to make the best, most comfortable, and most resilient shoes for, You (customers)


The client wanted a seamless and interactive approach to be perceived, after successfully establishing the brand. They were seeking for a global presence through digitalization.


After carefully evaluating the client's plan, the team then took the action of utilizing the following technologies for an acceptable structure with the usage of: React, Gatsby, Shopify, and builder.Carefully analyzing the main crux of the business - which was to bring comfort into people's lives every time they walk, the same perception was used in designing the web application. To make it look as seamless and easy to use. The team decided to use React, Gatsby, and Builder technologies in order to create an everlasting effect through the product and its presence as well. Therefore carefully infusing a very comforting digital presence as well.


The end product, that was perceived, turned out to be exactly what the client wanted it to come to be. The interface was smooth and every piece of content used created more value for the company and its products. Which was quite admired by the client and the users that had experienced

Technologies Used

  • React JS
  • Redux
  • MongoDB

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