Shina Akram

Fullstack Engineer

Professional Summary

I am an experienced Full Stack Developer and Tech Lead with a background in software development. Over the last 5+ years my work has focused on developing and architecting applications whilst adhering to the software principles and design patterns.. I have complete expertise with developing a simple to complex database driven functionality rich web applications. I work at fast pace to meet tight deadlines and an Enthusiastic team player ready to contribute to company success.

Tools & Technologies

NodeJS(ExpressJS, NestJS)
Git(version control)
e2e testing

Work Experience

Backend Engineer
APEX:E3 is blockchain technology based project where you can connect your binance, karaken, coinbase and your respective balances from these exchanges will be available on your account at this platform.User can all multiple ethereum wallets and can check the aggregated balance. User can add multiple Solana wallets and can check aggregated balance for all wallets and can check each token/coin in each wallet. User can check the balance summary where he/she’ll be able to check all the tokens collective balance from exchange, wallets and the total balance. I worked on this project as Backend-developer. I worked on authentication module of the project and integrated multiple exchanges APIs. Worked on implementation of aggregated balance of exchanges balances, fetching markets data. I integrated Ethereum and Solana wallets. Worked on fetching the wallets tokens and their balances and then worked on aggragated balance of wallets. Tech stack: Typescript, NestJS, Redis, Microservices Architecture, Keycloak Identity Provider, PostgreSql, Websockets.
Task Tracker
Fullstack Engineer
Task tracker is a project management tool where you can create multiple projects and assign multiple tasks to each project. User can assign a task to multiple people. Time tracker for each task is available. you can have google docs, github and google sheets integrated here for managing documentation, reports and projects versioning. In-app chat feature is also available. I have worked on front-end development of this project. I also worked on creating multiple modules and then creating dependency of each module with the other one. I Have worked on Project, User, Task, Feature module. I Have worked on wrapper classes for these modules for interacting with localstorage and server at the same time and also implemented In-app chat feature. Tech Stack: Custom JS framework ACE framework, ACIs (application Component Interfaces), bootstrap 5.
Backend Engineer
Kronolizer is a mobile application that allows businesses to track their employee’s work activities and hours. I’ve worked on the back-end development of this project using NodeJs/ExpressJs. Built databases and table structures for web applications.
Fearless Trails
Fullstack Engineer
Fearless Trails is a map-based platform where users can register themselves and uplaod their stories in text form or audio form at a particular location. So A new user can check the stores of other users about a particular location and then user can upload his stories for that location as well. I worked as a Lead frontend developer and managed the project as well. I worked on Map module of this project, Stories module, Rating Module of this project. Instead of Navigation bar, Swapping concept was implemented for navigating to different modules. Tech Stack: Custom JS framework ACE framework, ACIs (application Component Interfaces), bootstrap 5 Project Management tool: Jira Versioning control: Gitlab.