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Who We Are

A little about us.

We are a resource augmentation company that specialises in finding and placing the best candidates for your open positions. Whether you need contract, contract-to-hire, or direct-hire staff, our team of experienced recruiters and hiring experts will work closely with you to ensure a perfect fit for your organisation.

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What is TDC?

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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to empower companies!

Our mission is to be the leading provider of innovative and sustainable resource augmentation solutions, empowering organizations to achieve their full potential. We strive to create a win-win situation for both our clients and our team members, by fostering a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and respect

Meet Our CEO

Our belief has always been that talent has no boundaries, and if opportunity were shared equally among everyone in the world and a fast-track channel was established to match opportunities with the best resources, the results of the fusion of skills and ideas would be a technology revolution that would set new standards for the industry.

Fahad Tufail, CEO of TDC | The Dev Corporate

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Our Story

Fahad and Ali's story is a testament to the power of friendship and determiation.

TDC was founded by Fahad Tufail and Ali Tahir, who have been friends for a decade. They quit their jobs to start a resource augmentation company to help companies overcome their resource challenges. With their technical expertise and network, they built a team of skilled professionals and the company became known for its high-quality services and customer support. TDC has now grown to a team of 40 engineers, serving international clients with a wider range of technical services.

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