5 Tips for Successfully Augmenting Your Development Team

Tips for Augmenting Development Team

Resource augmentation has been a game-changer for businesses in recent years, achieving enhanced software development through lowering costs and shortening time frames. It is a cost-efficient strategy. Hiring teams and retaining skilled developers is becoming challenging daily for many software development companies. It becomes necessary to have a short or long-term additional workforce owing to multiple projects. To meet deadlines, businesses are hiring tech teams through resource augmentation services.

This blog will look into resource augmentation and five tips to augment your development team successfully.

What is Resource Augmentation?

Resource augmentation is a model in which companies hire tech teams and talents worldwide with the help of third parties to fill talent gaps and optimize the competencies of a tech team to meet and achieve goals and deadlines faster. The in-house staff and the hired team work together for the entire project. It helps get qualified tech teams on time without any hassle of engaging in a long, cumbersome recruitment process, thus saving time and money.

5 Tips for Successfully Augmenting Your Development Team

Whether you plan to start a development project or implement new solutions and need one-time or perhaps full-time specialists in certain areas, resource augmentation is your go-to solution. Let's look into five tips to augment your development team successfully.

A Precise Roadmap

Planning every step is crucial in achieving your targeted goals. The more precise the tech team is regarding the project requirements and goals, the more efficient the development process becomes. Ensure that you have a clear understanding of your project requirements before augmenting your development team. Clearly define the scope, objectives, and deliverables. In resource augmentation, creating a roadmap of the entire project beforehand and discussing it with the development team at the beginning will help prevent code rewriting. Streamlined team communication is critical in this regard.

Effective Communication

Communicate your expectations regarding timelines, quality standards, and project milestones to the augmented team. Communication is vital, especially when working with an augmented development tech team. Streamline project progress, challenges, and updates regularly through clear channels to effectively communicate with your hired team. Project management tools, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms can facilitate seamless communication and be hugely beneficial. Praise your team's efforts, raise morale, and encourage better results. This will help them align their efforts with your goals and minimize misunderstandings.

Documentation at Every Stage

Members of your augmented development team should understand the importance of documentation. Documents help you understand the project's ongoing activities but also help identify mistakes at the initial stage of its beginning. Moreover, clear documentation helps new team members understand your project's context and reduces the time required to become productive. Additionally, it can be used to re-evaluate the project and identify shortcomings.

Select the Right Team

Selecting the right tech team that can work seamlessly with your in-house team and fills the lagging skill gap is crucial. Tailor down your hiring team search by looking for project-specific expertise in a team that is also reliable and trustworthy. It is necessary to evaluate your tech team before starting development to ensure the required expertise for the project. You can provide training if necessary for new methodologies or technologies. The more the team is invested in your project, the better the quality of your work. Moreover, team productivity can be assessed using Sprint burn-down reports, Velocity metric, Cycle times, Throughput, etc.

Developing a homogenous culture

Another effective technique in resource augmentation in tech development is integrating the hiring team into your company's development culture, which will help create a good relationship between the in-house and the augmented team, making the workflow easier and more natural. To foster a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing, promoting the collaboration of your existing team with the augmented team is necessary.

Regular meetings, code reviews, and joint problem-solving sessions can help nurture good relationships between the whole team, promoting unity. It further helps the augmented tech team adjust to your company's standards and practices.


In a nutshell, by following these above-mentioned tips, you can successfully augment your development team. The key to successfully augmenting your development team lies in effective communication, a precise roadmap, documentation, team selection, and nurturing a homogenous culture. By using resource augmentation for tech teams, you can complete your project.