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Rigorously pre-vetted remote engineers,
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Who Are We?
The Dev Corporate or TDC as we lovingly call it is an advanced resource augmentation company.
Hiring tech engineers is a cumbersome process. Even when you’re done with it, you are never sure of how well the engineer will perform. You spend money, time and energy, and the results are often far from desired.
Let’s help you change the dynamics. We exist to simplify your tech hiring process. With TDC, you will get the best and experienced tech engineers and developers to skyrocket your growth.

Free Trial For 14-Days

TDC will find, test and deliver the best engineering and development talent for your company. With a 14-day trial option, you don’t have to pay us a dime if our engineers don’t meet your needs.

But we are positive they’ll only exceed your expectations.

Hiring Tech Resources Made Quick, Smooth & Painless

Turbocharge your growth in the tech world by leveraging the talent of the finest developers without putting yourself through the pain of assessing , hiring and training tech engineers.

Variety of Contracting Models.

At TDC, we have a range of contracting models available for you. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing a model that best suits your needs.


Hire full-time remote engineers as contractors, and set your own terms as you like.


Perfection option for short-term engagements allowing you to onboard and offboard minus the complex paper work.


Get pre-vetted and fully aligned, full-time dedicated team, and enjoy the freedom you’ve always wanted.


Our well-trained and dedicated tech teams take care of everything allowing you to grow bigger and better.


Talent has no borders and we let you hire full time employee where you drive the resource.


You hire full time employees and we take on the liability to make sure the compliance.


Extra growth for your company.

Instant & Exponential
Growth for
Your Business.

Your vision knows no borders. So why should your teams? We provide expert, pre-vetted engineers ready to join your team in less than 24 hours (and ready to deliver ofcourse).With a seamless and efficient tech hiring process and the best engineers on your team, you stay ahead of your time and grow faster.

Hiring with TDC is
Risk-Free! Start Now.